Andrew Lorken

Andrew Lorken

My current job is.. to grow the awareness and subscriber base of Foxtel Broadband.  Our team in IT and the Transformation PMO is also the key enabler to our Foxtel strategy.

My first job was… Putting stickers and inserts in laser disc covers of recently released movies (well before DVD’s and VOD).  A little mundane but it did begin a love for the media and movie industry.

At school I was known for… Always being the tallest and always being in the back row in the middle for school photos each year.  But height also helped as a second row lock number 4. Im 6’5”

The TV show I can’t miss is…  Suits for its script and pace.  And of course Foxtel is first with the latest season.

My secret guilty pleasure is… popping a Lindt chocolate ball into my coffee each morning and my family humouring me by continuing the pretence that that don’t know it or see it

It’s not cool but … refer to the chocolate ball comment above

Friends say I… am hard to speak to unless I'm sitting down

The new TV show I’d like to commission is… The Alternate World where artists and creatives are the natural leaders of the world, run the major organisations and the world currency is based on artistic capability and influence rather than market capitalisation

The thing I most love about our industry is… working with people limited only by their creative boundaries, the broader and open views on life that only they can bring.  It’s a real pleasure every day.