Bobby Louca

Bobby Louca

When I’m not at work I spend my time… Watching movies, going for a swim or eating at a great restaurant…Thai Pothong in Newtown is the best!

The person that most influenced my decisions in life when I was younger was… My mother and father. I watched them work hard from an early age and I realised that the only way to success was to work for it.

The last interesting book that I read was… The World Book Encyclopedia…the world is a fascinating place.

My first job was… Dubbing movies at a video duplication company…a dream job where I watched movies for a living.

My guiltiest pleasure is… Red jelly with vanilla ice-cream.

At school, I was known for… Saying yes to every party invitation.

My favourite movie of all time is… Ghost, a movie that perfectly balanced the comedy, drama, action, romance and sci-fi genres.

I know it’s not cool but I love… 80’s Glam rock, Kiss, Poison, Motley Crue…

One of my favourite series on STV is… Crime Investigation Australia on the CI Channel. An excellent local production, researched well, with great narration.

The person I most admire is… Anyone who treats people with respect.

My friends say that I… Make them laugh…nothing is better than the sound of laughter.

My hope for the future is that… People calm down, relax and start to enjoy life.