Carly Loder

Carly Loder

My current job is......Director – Marketing and Communications for FOX SPORTS Australia

My first job was....Working in a Café – I wasn’t very good at it as I kept talking to all of the customers as opposed to serving them efficiently!

At school I was known for....Playing a lot of sport. In year 12 my mother told me I had to choose 5 sports only to represent the school or region, of course I didn’t, I went ahead and participated in ever sport I could. Mum found out at graduation that I had in fact been on a lot more than 5 teams; needless to say I was in a lot of trouble when my parents got to me. In the yearbook the school had allocated a song to represent each student; mine was “lets get physical”…. I never stopped playing sport, thinking about it or working my way out of class to get back to it!

The TV show I can’t miss is.....Well I record on my IQ “Banshee” and binge watch a few episodes in a row.  The only LIVE TV I get to watch are the 7 FOX SPORTS channels – but things could be worse right?  FOX SPORTS content is in my opinion the best sports content globally.  My biggest problem is what channel to watch at any one time.

My secret guilty pleasure is.....Gossip magazines.  Who, NW, Famous – I get them all every week.  I can’t help it but I have to read them even though I know most of it is untrue.  And then I swap to Vogue once a month to pretend I’m “high fashion”. Must be the PR girl in me.

It’s not cool but....I liked the movie “50 shades of Grey” and the 3 books….

Friends say I....Work a lot ……………that and I’m always travelling.

The new TV show I’d like to commission is....I’d love to make a new TV series about the really unique characters and weird situations that take place in our business/entertainment business. (i.e. the funny stuff we all know that goes on – a mixture of “The Office”, “Seinfield” and “The West Wing”)….. I have about 30 episodes already in my head just need the time to write it.

The thing I most love about our industry is.....You are as good as your last performance.  Coming off the back of 10 years in financial services, that wasn’t as highly valued or acted on as it is in the entertainment and media industries.