Carolyn Booth

Carolyn Booth

The person that most influenced my decisions in life when I was younger was... Mum. I still hear her words in my head: “..…chew with your mouth closed, no one wants to see that….. believe in yourself and try your best….. don’t drop the g’s off the end of your words, you weren’t dragged up.…. revenge is pointless, people hang themselves.…. you can do anything you set your mind to… treat others as you would have them treat you, so you always lie straight in bed at night….. you aren’t seriously thinking of wearing that ridiculous outfit out of the house..… “ Sage words to live by. Thanks Mum.

The last interesting book that I read was... “Dealing With People You Can’t Stand." Awesome.

My first job was... dancing teacher.

My guiltiest pleasure is... shoes! I’ve bought shoes that I’ve never worn, just to sit them on a shelf so I can see how pretty they are. Hi, my name’s Carolyn and I’m a shoe-a-holic.

At school, I was known for... my super power of moving amongst all sub-cultures and cliques. There were the surfies, hockey bullies, jocks, brainiacs, geeks, princesses and plastiques. Largely, I just didn’t need drama from anyone so I kept it cool with the occasional head nod, casual peace-out sign or chillaxed, “Hey, Groover”, shout out. It worked for me.

When I’m not at work I spend my time… reading, watching movies and seeing art exhibitions.

My favourite movie of all time is... “Magnolia”. Totally awesome fil-um that I watch over and over. Spectacular soundtrack. Great story. Fabulous cast. Sometimes in work meetings, when my daydreaming kicks in, I imagine the meeting attendees breaking into random singing; or I look out the window and see a rainstorm of frogs; or I wonder how painful it must’ve been for William H Macy’s character when all his teeth got smashed in. Clearly, this movie has influenced me. BTW: It’s the first movie with Tom Cruise in it where I can actually bear to watch him, because the character he plays is…. himself.

I know it's not cool but I love... listening to Boney M really loudly in my car. “River of Babylon” is a timeless classic of musical brilliance that transverses generations and I won’t hear a bad word said.

One of my favourite series on STV is... "Dexter"

The person I most admire is... used to be Madonna….. until the release of her “MDNA” album. I’ve done the break up conversation: It’s not you; it’s me (It’s totally her! What on earth was she thinking?! Move on, Grandma!). I’ve moved on. Now, I’m all about Gaga and Pink.

My friends say that I am... becoming that crazy woman in the ‘burbs who owns too many cats.

My hope for the future is that...  people laugh more when they’re at work. If we’re going to work so hard we need to lighten up and make it fun. Remember, we’re not doing brain surgery, Peeps!