Fiona Lang

Fiona Lang

My current job is..Chief Operating Officer at BBC Worldwide in Australia & New Zealand

My first job was..aged 14 and 9 months, as a check out chick at Woolworths. My parents believed strongly in developing a good work ethic as a young person, but I cannot say I was strong on the necessary grocery skills. I am sure there are many North Shore women that are lamenting me charging them for navel oranges rather than blood oranges at point of sale. I acquired an eye for detail the hard way years later in my first full time job as a corporate lawyer at Freehills Lawyers.  

At school I was known for… pretending not to care about exams or sporting competitions, while in fact deep down caring too much about them. Yes, I was one of those!

The TV show I can’t miss is…”Big Little Liars” but it’s finished now but doubtless it will be the next addictive HBO series. And of course anything on BBC First.

My secret guilty pleasure is… bashing out a rumba to a Celine Dion ballad. I am a closet ballroom dancer (or not so closet) from years back.

It’s not cool but .. I am a closet John Denver fan.

Friends say I…can find something to giggle about in almost any situation.

The new TV show I’d like to commission is…a reality TV show about international exchange students; I’m a bit over all the wife-swapping and cooking. 

The thing I most love about our industry is…that it is ever-changing. I like that there is constant innovation in the way stories are told, and the way media is delivered and consumed.