Gary Spranger

Gary Spranger

The person that most influenced my decisions in life when I was younger was... my mother, she sacrificed a lot for me growing up and it's something I'll be forever grateful for.

The last interesting book that I read was... Who Moved My Cheese - quick read, but great book giving perspective on how we approach and handle change.

My first job was... Paperboy - delivering around the backstreets of Homebush and Flemington.  I was always worried I'd get chased by a dog at some stage.

My guiltiest pleasure is... downing a whole pack of Oreos in about 10 minutes - there, I said it!

At school, I was known for... my glasses - copped all the usual names and some pretty creative ones I prefer not to mention here :)

When I’m not at work I spend my time… generally relaxing watching some TV (comedies usually give me a good laugh) or fiddling about on my laptop, often at the same time!

My favourite movie of all time is... a tie between The Usual Suspects and Shawshank Redemption.

I know it's not cool but I love... being a nerd, seriously what's not cool about it!!

One of my favourite series on STV is... Whose Line is it Anyway - never fails to bring a smile to my face.

The person I most admire is... my one comes close.

My friends say that I... need to get out more!

My hope for the future is that... my friends and loved ones are fulfilled and living out their dreams.