Jim Buchan

Jim Buchan

When I’m not at work I spend my time… Endlessly entertained with my family and friends.

The person that most influenced my decisions in life when I was younger was… My mother who was a true artist and alternate thinker.

The last interesting book that I read was… ‘The Singularity is Near’ by Ray Kurzweil, terrifyingly interesting, albeit a tough ‘science’ read, as the future is going to be ‘mind blowingly’ different we are fortunately still enjoying living in a comparative stone age.

My first job was… Controversially for the time a check out guy at Kmart as that was not considered a blokes job way back then.

My guiltiest pleasure is… Buying toys for my kid that I secretly want myself.

At school, I was known for… Being a Twin, “Which one are you again?”

My favourite movie of all time is… Too difficult to name just one.. Ok a classic ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’.

I know it’s not cool but I love… Making an awesome afternoon iPod playlist.

One of my favourite series on STV is… Honestly right now it is CI’s latest series of TOUGH NUTS – Australia’s Hardest Criminals, although usually MAD MEN.

The person I most admire is… My Dad who has taught me so much by example.

My friends say that I… Always remember what we did.

My hope for the future is that… My family is always happy and healthy and that I’m enjoying life as much as I am right now.