Karen Orr

Karen Orr

My current job is: TVSN Studio Floor Creative Manager, I oversee how we are looking on air and the smooth running of the studio floor (as smooth as it can possibly be doing 14 hours of live television a day!)

My first job was: scooping ice-cream in the local ice cream parlour, we ate more than we served.  My first real industry job was marketing an international arts festival in London.

At school I was known for: putting on concerts, we would do musical parodies of classic songs, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, the Bee Gees, we did all the classics.  I was known for leaving a trial of glitter in my wake – the school cleaners loved me.

The TV show I can’t miss is: Parks and Recreation – my absolute favourite character would be a complete tie between Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. Its pure comedy gold….very clever and extremely funny.

My secret guilty pleasure is: Million Dollar Listings – I tape it and then sneak a viewing late night when all my family are sleeping.

I know it’s not cool but: I sing along really loud to the radio while I am driving in my car – thank god for Bluetooth – if I get caught, I just pretend I am on a really impassioned phone call.

Friends say I: can still hold my own in a dance-off.

The new TV show I’d like to commission is: a behind-the-scenes look at the intriguing and extremely dynamic world that is TVSN.

The thing I love most about our industry is: The fact that things keep moving and shaking, nothing stays the same and we are ever evolving. It's an un-predictable ride and you just have to hang on!