Kylie Merritt

Kylie Merritt

When I’m not at work…. I spend my time at home watching SKY NEWS Business (my boss is reading this yes?)

The person that most influenced my decisions in life when I was younger…. was the cast of Melrose Place. I was determined to be an advertising executive.

The last interesting book that I read was….. A Colossal Failure of Common Sense. It’s an insider’s account of the collapse of Lehman Bros, like a soap opera for finance geeks.

My first job was….. sorting thousands of invoices into numerical order. My parents put me to work in their small business (before computerisation) and yes, it was as dull as it sounds.

My guiltiest pleasure is…. Gossip Girl. I can’t believe I just admitted that publicly.

At school I was known for…. being “gregarious”.

My favourite movie of all time is….. The Wizard of Oz.

I know it’s not cool but…. I love outlet shopping.

The person I most admire is…. Bill Gates. There are actually a heap of business people out there who’ve worked their proverbial off and given a huge amount back to society. Most of them don’t get any credit (and the best ones aren’t looking for it!)

My friends say that I am like….. Martha Stewart. Just without the insider trading conviction.


My hope for the future is that…. politics will become less about personalities and more about policies. I fear I’ll be waiting a long time.