Lisa Frederickson

Lisa Frederickson

My current job is..Lead Creative at The Comedy Channel

My first job was.. As a teen in the UK,   I had a summer job cleaning holiday boats.  It was generally ok, but sometimes Buck and Hen parties would hire them, so we'd discover some pretty ‘special’ items on board.   By ‘special’ I mean gross and highly illegal!

At school I was known for.. My glorious blonde perm, long-distance running and sense of humour.

The TV show(s) I can’t miss is.. I’m currently loving ‘Narcos’ and ‘The Night Of’. Big nod also to Brit comedies like Nighty Night and Little Britain – still genius years on.

My secret guilty pleasure is.. Eating picked onions from the jar and 80's music (not at the same time.)

It’s not cool but .. When I’m making dinner, I like to pretend  I’m on my own cooking show. I’m not one to brag but the imaginary ratings are huge!

Friends say I.. .. Am always singing.  I find it a great mood enhancer.  In elevators, in the loo at work, walking down the street.  There’s always time to belt out a classic.

The new TV show I’d like to commission is.. Definitely a Comedy show.  With great female talent that would be as pioneering as the Office and as bold as Nighty Night and Little Britain. Easier said than done!

The thing I most love about our industry is.. It's an exciting, hugely creative industry that keeps you on your toes. Things are constantly evolving, with new skills to learn, new technologies to embrace. Adapt and survive.  No jobs for T.Rex here!