Piers Beagley

Piers Beagley

My first job was... for six weeks while finishing high-school digging Telecom cable trenches in the road near Kew Gardens, London. It paid for my first Hi-Fi.

I have been greatly influenced in life by... ELVIS! as well as people who believe in health,equality and education for all no matter what race or creed

When I'm not at work I spend time... updating one of the world’s leading Elvis Presley websites – hey, I’m an Elvis Fan Club President! Take a look elvisinfonet.com.  - as well as cooking up a storm and running with my dog Che.

The last interesting book that I read was... Kate Grenville’s The Secret River.

At school, I was known for... getting into trouble at a very annoying private school. One of my happiest moments was waving goodbye on the final day.

My guiltiest pleasure is... spending serious money on Elvis overseas celebration trips – however there is no guilt if I pay for my partner to come along!

My favourite movie of all time is... Elvis in King Creole, or perhaps the answer should be Blue Velvet or Blade Runner or Pulp Fiction or all the early Coen brothers’ films. I LOVE film and go to the cinema usually once a week.

One of my favourite series on STV is...  I have a few …Dexter, The Bridge, Tangle, Ray Donovan.

The person I most admire is... ELVIS (anything else would be a lie) although anyone who strives hard for world peace & equality, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, the British “Dagenham Women” (who struggled for female equal rights) etc all get my vote.!

I know its not cool but I love ...ELVIS (damn, have I said that before?)  - and mulching garden compost gives a deeply satisfying pleasure as well as checking my rainwater tank!

My friends say that I... spend too much time on Elvis and should get a real life! (no chance). And that I have too many overseas holidays. Can four trips to Polynesia this year really be too much!

My hope for the future is that... Society backs away from this modern, greedy outlook and starts to care for our environment and the future.