Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

My current job is.... thinking about the future of sports broadcasting and finding ways to help even more Australians enjoy the best sports coverage in the nation.

My first job was.... as a show steward at Mr. Sports in Maitland, NSW. Selling cricket bats and footy boots to your mates was a great job for a 14 year old sports tragic.

At school I was known for.... being opinionated.

The TV show I can’t miss is... pretty much anything on Fox Sports News and Sky News. As a sport and news junkie, both 500 and 601 get quite a work-out on my Foxtel remote.

My secret guilty pleasure is... watching Christmas movies.

It’s not cool but... I can recount the Australian Prime Minister’s in chronological order.

Friends say ...I need to talk about politics and sport less!

The thing I most love about our industry is.... the determination to innovate. Subscription TV puts the viewer at the centre of everything. Everyone in the industry is obsessed with making the viewing experience better than it has ever been.