Valerio Veo

Valerio Veo

My first job was…Conducting gold pouring demonstrations at the Perth Mint. Nothing focuses you more than handling $250,000 worth of molten gold at 1500 degrees Celsius

At school I was known for…Being the token Italian with the weird lunches and fancy shoes.

The TV show I can’t miss is…The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Hilarious, scathing and right on the money. We need a Jon Stewart in Australia right now more than ever

My secret guilty pleasure is…Right now it’s the sweet, sticky buns from Breadtop. Right near the office too so a constant temptation…

It’s not cool but I… love online gaming on my PS4 even though I’m really quite terrible at it

When I’m not working I…Play tennis, obsess over football (the round ball kind) and most importantly hang out with my wife & three year-old daughter Alessandra who runs me ragged

Friends say I… am a total music snob who refuses to acknowledge pop music may have any artistic merit

The new TV show I’d love to commission is… A daily news show combining the talents of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. Three comedic geniuses who need to be let loose on Australian politics – talk about a wealth of material!