ASTRA is an active participant in public policy debates affecting the broadcasting and media sectors.

 ASTRA members: 

  • support the development of the subscription media industry
  • encourage the production of local content for Australian audiences
  • advocate an open, competitive market that encourages investment and innovation
  • believe intervention in the market should be minimal and fair to all participants
  • recognise intellectual property rights and believe creators should be fairly rewarded
  • believe that all media organisations should have access to public resources on the same terms

ASTRA members receive monthly advocacy updates.


Advocacy Report January 2017


Advocacy Report November 2016

Advocacy Update October 2016

Advocacy Update September 2016 

Advocacy Update August 2016

Advocacy Update June 2016

Advocacy Update May 2016 

Advocay Update - April 2016

Advocacy Update - March 2016 

Advocacy Update - February 2016

Advocacy Update - January 2016

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