Alex Trippas

Alex Trippas

My current job is..  Associate Director, Networks & Content Sales at Turner Australia.

My first job a waitress at a restaurant on the Norfolk Broads in England – it was always freezing cold!  Managing a coach-load of tourists was absolutely terrifying.  100 cups of tea served in under 30 minutes.  It definitely prepared me for a career in media!

At school I was known for.. being Geoff Trippas’ daughter. My dad played rugby with most of my teachers (not cool).

The TV shows I can’t miss is..The Walking Dead (was it Glenn?), Veep and of course We Bare Bears!

My secret guilty pleasure is..going to the cinema on my own, preferably a Sunday morning screening – I love an empty cinema.

It’s not cool but ..I truly believe that Elvis Presley is the King (I hope my mum gets to read this!). All of the music we listen to today has been influenced by this one true legend. Please – no hamburger jokes.

Friends say I..know how to throw a good party.

The new TV show I’d like to commission is..Frank Herbert’s Dune – I’m not a sci-fi buff, but I loved the books. Let’s not mention the David Lynch version.

The thing I most love about our industry is.. the content!  Where else would I get to spend a day discussing the US elections, Princess Bubblegum, Michelle Dockery and an alcoholic scientist who burp-talks?!