ASTRA Women’s Mentoring Program

The equal representation of women on Australian screens and in boardrooms is good business and crucial to our success as an industry. The television sector must commission and broadcast content that reflects the audiences we serve.

For many years ASTRA has led industry efforts to advance the participation of women in television, with a landmark annual breakfast and networking drinks attracting more than 1000 women annually.

ASTRA has now inaugurated a new structured circle mentoring program to link small groups of industry women with high-achieving female mentors. Over several months our women's mentoring program will generate small group discussion on issues relevant to the advancement of women in the industry.

To find out whether the ASTRA Women’s Mentoring Program is right for you, answer the following questions:

Mentee Self-Assessment

If you can answer YES to at least five of the questions below, you’re on your way to having a successful mentoring experience.

  • Are you a female approximately 8-15 years into your career?
  • Can you give priority to attending five sessions each of 90 minutes at an external location in coming months?
  • Have you identified specific goals for the mentoring experience?
  • Will you provide and/or accept constructive feedback where appropriate?
  • Do you have a specific area or skill that you’re interested in developing?
  • Do you welcome and keep in confidence information that will be shared in your circle?
  • Do you plan to be an “active” participant - honest, open sharing?
  • Do you plan to be an “active” listener – not dominating discussions?
  • Are you willing to proactively take ownership of your personal and professional development during the program?

Next steps

You can read more about the  ASTRA Women’s Mentoring Program here
You can apply for the program here.