Broadcast of Emergency Information

Television plays an important role in supporting the communication of emergency warnings.

Emergency warnings requirements apply subscription television licensees.

The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 requires that if a broadcaster, at the request of an emergency service agency, transmits an emergency service warning on any of its television broadcasting services, the broadcaster must:

a) Transmit the whole of the warning in:

           i) The form of text; and

           ii) The form of speech; and

b) If it is reasonably practicable to do so—provide a captioning service for the emergency warning.

Emergency warnings must be provided in text – the intention of the legislation as it relates to captioning is to also require, where possible, the captioning of associated verbal commentary.

Where an Auslan interpreter is present at a news conference or official briefing regarding an emergency, subscription television licensees will include the Auslan interpreter in frame where it is practicable to do so.