Adele Vuko

Adele Vuko has a strong background in acting, writing and production.  She has starred on screen in television including UNDERBELLY RAZOR, DEADBEAT DADS sketch comedy shows ELEGANT GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO KNIFE FIGHTING & THIS IS LITTLETON and in the Australian film NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. In 2014 she will also appear as the lead in the comedy feature ME AND MY MATES VS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.  She has trained at NIDA and ATYP in Sydney, and at The Acting Corps in Los Angeles. Her writing began with Short + Sweet, the worlds largest short play festival. Her plays went on from the Sydney based festival to win galas, and be produced in Short + Sweet festivals around the world including Dubai, Mumbai and Bangalore as well as the Fringe Comedy Festival in London. Adele works on various TV productions and TVC's within Sydney, but her funnest project (a part from Skitbox) was producing the hit web series BONDI HIPSTERS.