Brian Cobb

With over 15 years experience in the industry, Brian graduated from The Australian
Academy Of Dramatic Arts in 2003 and went on to teach drama there for 4 years.

Brian attended AFTRS and graduated from Producing and Screen Business in 2011.

In 2012, one of Brian’s short films (The Last Match) was selected and screened as
part of the Cannes Film Festival's 'Cinemas Des Antipodes' . This was followed by
another of his shorts being selected for the same festival in 2013 (The Adviser).

Brian is currently producing The Horizon web-series. With over 41 million views on
YouTube, it is Australia's most successful online drama and the most watched gay
web-series in the world.

Brian was selected in the inaugural ‘Ones To Watch’ program by SPA in 2013, and
his project The Australian’s Of Broadway finished in the top 3 of the STUDIO
kickstart initiative.

In December 2014, Screen Australia, chose Brian in their early talent identification
program, ‘Enterprise People’.

In July 2015, produced a one hour drama TV pilot. Horizon, based on the web series
attracted the signature of award winning film director Stephan Elliott.

Currently Brian is in post production on his first feature film titled Indigo Lake.